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About Water Service Co.

Established in 1994, Water Service Co. has provided meter installations, automated meter reading, inspections, billing, collections, maintenance and repairs for our growing customer base. Our services include meter installations in new construction and retrofitting of manufactured housing communities, condominiums and apartment buildings.

To provide our customers with the best, most personalized service obtainable from a private utility business. Act as a liaison between the property owner and the tenant to ensure and cultivate amiable relations. To also provide our customers with the best water conservation and cost saving solutions today and into the future.

Available Services:


• Automated meter reading
• Meters and remotes installed
• Pre-read property set up, bar codes, etc.
• Consultation

• Record current months meter reading
• Double check current reading against previous reading
• Document any readings with excessive high or zero usage

• If your property has meters that my be no longer functioning up to par, WSC may perform a comprehensive audit of your property. After review, including city bills or well costs, recommendations can be made so that your cost to remain compliant may be minimal and your bottom line stays in the black.
• Check for line leaks, meter leaks, tampering or vandalism, frozen or broken meters and remotes, etc.
• Document findings so repairs can be scheduled

• Individual customer bills are prepared and mailed each month. Bills may also include monthly recurring charges such as sewer, garbage, meter service charge, etc. Multiple payment methods are available to residents, such as monthly bank draft, check/credit card by phone, regular US mail, or easy payments at any nearby Discount Drug Mart.

• Resident collections and property reimbursement
• Perform shut-offs and lockouts for nonpayment, and perform reconnection services

New Installation:
• AMR fixed readers or drive by systems installed
• Meters and remotes installed
Existing Systems:
• System maintenance (wiring, frozen meters, remotes and meters swapped out, etc.)
• Cold weather emergency service

Client References
• Upon request


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