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Who is WSC?
WSC is a private utility company providing water meter installations, meter reading, water and sewer billing, collections, property reimbursement, water meter maintenance, full reporting and service disconnects for non-payment.

What makes Water Service Company unique?
Water Service Company tailors programs for you. We are a creative organization that installs various types of resource managing equipment, and provides customized water and sewer billing and services to meet your individualized needs.

When would you sub-meter your properties?
As water and sewer costs are the highest outlay a property owner has, now is the time that each tenant should be responsible for his or her own water usage. Water conservation is one of the most important issues facing all of us today, as water is one of our most precious natural resources.

Where does WSC provide service?
Water Service Company now manages water conservation services in the states of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, reading, billing and maintaining more than 8,000 water meters per month. Installations are included in apartments, condominiums and manufactured housing communities. We even install meters on well water systems. Some property owners utilize our services to read gas, electric and water meters.

Why utilize WSC?
Since 1994 WSC has been an industry leader developing standards in water conservation, water management and water sub-metering. Water Service Company has incorporated state of the art, water utility software used by water departments around the world. This allows for many types of customer information reports including: last amount and date paid, system totals, water usage and loss, exceptional usage, past due accounts and others.

How WSC provides service?
Water Service Company utilizes the latest technology in Automated Meter Reading equipment which is more accurate and cost effective for us, and more profitable for you. This technology may be used in all new installations and can be retrofitted to existing installations. The initial expense to manage your water and sewer expenses is minimal. We install and maintain the equipment. If you have existing meters, we can service your property at a very competitive price.

Your residents are important to your bottom line, so we provide information for your residents explaining the installation process and the positive affect it will have for them. In cases where applicable following the installation, we will provide a comprehensive report that lists the condition of the service lines and supporting equipment.

Thank you.
Thank you in advance for considering Water Service Company as your choice to provide services for you and your valuable properties. Call us at the number below, we’ll explain in more detail how we will improve your company’s bottom line. 

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